Data Bank

Various documents related to iron and steel, the process list, associated with the use of space and sector information is available from our various data banks.

  • genel-yapi-celikleri
    Steels For General Engineering Purposes

    Structural steels are mainly low and/or mid carbon type steels and consists of base elements Mn,Si,P and S. The quantity of these base elements and yield/tensile strenght limits determines t...

  • islah-celikleri
    Steels For Quenching and Tempering

    Quenched and tempered steels are alloyed or non alloyed steels of which chemical compositions are convenient for hardening especially due to their high carbon content (0,25-0,60 C %) and dis...

  • otomat-celikleri
    Free Cutting Steels

    Free cutting steels are non alloyed steels with relatively high Manganese (Mn) and Sulphur (S) content. MnS which originates in the steel structure and is consisted by Manganese (Mn) and Sul...

  • paslanmaz-celik
    Stainless Steels

    Related to their high Chromium (Cr) content stainless steels are steels that are resistant against corrosive effects of different atmospheric conditions, various chemical aqeous, low and hig...

  • sementasyon-celikleri
    Case Hardening Steels

    Case Hardening Steel is an alloyed or non alloyed low carbon steel with high resistant against wearing on the surface, tough and soft  at core, which is used in production of parts resistan...